The Relax & Sing Member Zone gives you access to a wide range of resources to help you enjoy our sessions in the comfort of your home.

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For parents

In the Relax and Sing members zone there are resources for parents from both our Baby Signing and Baby Massage courses. You can purchase access to one or both sets of resources.

Our Baby Signing resources include the following film clips:

  • An A-Z of film clips for over 250 British Sign Language signs
  • Individual clips of parents and babies signing along to each Baby Signing song
  • Individual clips of a Baby Signing Instructor signing along to each song

Our Baby Massage resources include:

  • Complete current handouts for the whole course to download.
  • A series of video clips to help you perfect your technique.

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For Trainers

If you’ve trained as Relax & Sing Instructor, then our Member Zone gives you access to all the latest materials for parents, as well as access to our most up-to-date marketing, promotional, and support materials for developing your business.

We provide a whole suite of resources for each course to help you get started as a new instructor.

To gain Trainer access to the Member Zone, please contact your course trainer.